The Critic as Artist

This fanzine was published on the occasion of the exhibition ‘The Critic as Artist’, which took place at Reading Museum in late 2017.

The publication is limited to 200 numbered copies and contains contributions by the following artists and writers: Miles Aldridge, Michael Bracewell, Stephen Buckley, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Lucienne Cole, Dexter Dalwood, Donna Huddleston, Andrew Hunt, Travis Jeppesen, Gareth Jones, Scott King, Linder, Bertie Marshall, Malcolm McLaren, Henry Cyril Paget, Katrina Palmer, Alessandro Raho, Cally Spooner, and Katharina Wulff.

Edited by Michael Bracewell and Andrew Hunt.

Designed by Sarah Cashman.

This title is co-published with Reading International.

ISBN: 978-1-912115-69-3 (Reading International)

ISBN: 978-1-910516-07-2 (Slimvolume)

Price: £10